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Sea Moss Gel 16 oz

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Sea Moss Gel 16 oz
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Chondrus Crispus AKA “Irish“ Sea Moss is a SUPERFOOD wonder containing 92 minerals. Our bodies so happen to be made up of a total of 102 minerals. 

"Irish" Sea Moss  provides your entire body with the necessary minerals needed to THRIVE ... not merely survive!

  •  Irish Sea Moss is also :

  •  * Anti-viral 

  • * Anti-microbial 

  •  * Anti-bacterial 

  • * Anti-inflammatory

*** ISM rids the body of inflammation and mucus as well as removes toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and waste from the bloodstream .

  Add ISM gel daily to smoothies, shakes, herbal teas as well as broths and sauces.

* Irish Sea Moss Gel is NOW available for purchase locally within the Los Angeles area (25 mile ratios)

* Irish Sea Moss Gel is available for PICK-UP

DELIVERY available when you purchase 2 or more jars.

  * Order today and have your ISM ready within 48 hrs.