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EnTouch Organics

Lion’s Mane “Double Extracted” Elixir 1oz

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Lion’s mane mushrooms  or hericium erinaceus are large, white, mushrooms that get their name from their resemblance of a lion’s mane as they grow.  lion’s mane has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years (2,000 BC to be exact). In both Chinese and Japanese medicine, from eating them raw to steeping them in tea, there are many ways to consume lion’s mane mushrooms. People tend to eat lion’s mane mushrooms or take them as a supplement, or elixirs all for very good reasons. This form of mushroom contains bioactive substances that target your body’s brain, heart, and gut.


Learn the top 9 health benefits of lion’s mane mushrooms that will benefit you greatly!


1. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease


2. May Help Fight Cancer


3. Protection Against Dementia


4. Relieves Mild Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety


5. Boosts Recovery of Nervous System Injuries


6. Protection Against Ulcers


7. Manages Symptoms of Diabetes


8. Boosts the Immune System


9. Boosts Healing of Skin Wounds

FYI : Lion’s Mane Elixir is a medicinal mushroom tincture.
Tinctures consist of alcohol and in this case EnTouch Organics “Lion’s Mane Elixir” uses a double extraction of alcohol and spring water. 
The taste is unusual and strong to some but the health benefits as described above is worth it. 


Side Effects to Look Out For

 Human research has been done with lion’s mane mushrooms.  No harmful side effects have been found even in high doses. But if you are allergic or sensitives to mushrooms in general, it’s best to avoid using lion’s mane mushrooms. Overall, there are no concrete side effects to this mushroom, but people have reported to experience difficulty breathing or skin rashes, likely due to allergies.