About Me

My journey of "Enlightenment" began four years ago. At that time in my life,  I had to face the reality of my existence..... I was merely surviving and not "THRIVING". Not living to my full potential, not authentically being myself and most of all not believing in my self-worth. The moment I stopped settling and "going along", the moment that I stopped making excuses and blaming others for where I was and who I was in my life, was the moment the UNIVERSE began to move on my behalf.


Responsibility and accountability is the key to taking control of ones destiny.  In order to manifest a purpose-driven destiny a new mindset must begin to take over the old, and so the journey "Within" began.

There is a familiar scripture in the Bible that many of us know. “Seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall open for you". This I find is true. Once I began to do the work of self discovery, doors and windows of knowledge of self-love, self-care, love of culture and community began to take form and resonate within my spirit-man.

 Self-care takes on many forms. For me, my "awakening" began through food. People assume that because I am petite that I don't have health issues. .. that is not the case. High blood pressure and hyperthyroidism was, and I say" was" because I've come to understand that these condition are dietary and not hereditary. the key to OPTIMAL health depends on dedication to keeping the "Temple" fed with electrical, alkaline, nature made (GOD),  plant-based, whole-foods and herbs.